Halloween: Celestial Origins


What do you associate with Halloween? Trick-or-Treating, costumes, astronomy? After all, Halloween is an astronomical holiday! Learn the history of Halloween and how it fits into the seasons as a “cross-quarter day.”

9/28/2021 - 10/30/2021

6:30 PM


-Admission is always free and passes are not required-


Black Holes


Few mysteries in the universe have the power and awe of the black hole. Only now are we on the verge of understanding their true nature. This new immersive digital theater program incorporates some of the most intense three-dimensional visual effects ever created on the subject.

9/28/2021 - 10/30/2021

7:15 PM


6:30 PM

Celestial Hauntings


Join us for a live presentation discussing spine-tingling tales of civilizations past and a look into the tricks and treats of our own galaxy.

7:15 PM

9/28/2021 - 10/30/2021

original productions

Colgate At 200!

Premiered April 27, 2019

Experience Colgate's Bicentennial in the Ho Tung Visualization Lab with an immersive fulldome production of Colgate's history.


Flight into the Cell

Travel from outside the body into a lung epithelial cell to show the inner workings of this fantastice factory.


Murder on the Ides

March, 44 BCE was the day when the most celebrated Roman of all time, Gaius Julius Caesar, was brutally murdered by assassins.
Colgate students, staff, and faculty produced this full dome show to uncover the mysteries surrounding this fateful day. 


Socrates on Death Row

Premiered October 27, 2016​

Travel back in time to 399 BCE and meet one of the greatest philosophers of all time, Socrates. 


The Making of a Star and Her Entourage

Trace the evolution of humankind’s understanding of the universe.



Civilization has played a major role on Earth's environment. Can we live in harmony with plants and animals? What will you do with paradise? Explore these questions and how the environmental movement started with our first planetarium show produced at Colgate University


Show Library

Accidental Astronauts
Are We Alone?
Back to the Moon For Good
Black Holes
Cosmic Colors
Dawn of the Space Age
Dinosaurs at Dusk
Dynamic Earth
Edge of Darkness
Exploding Universe
Extreme Planets
Galileo: The Power of the Telescope
Hot and Energetic Universe
Ice Worlds
Invaders of Mars
Let It Snow
Life: A Cosmic Story
The Little Star that Could
Making of a Star and Her Entourage
Mayan Prophecies
Murder on the Ides
Natural Selection
New Horizons
Raising Alexandria
Robot Explorers
Rocky Worlds Ice Cream
Saturn: Jewel of the Heavens
Sea Monsters
The Seasons Reasons Show
Secret of the Cardboard Rocket
Seven Wonders
Socrates on Death Row
Space Aliens
Stars of the Pharaohs
Star Stories
Two Small Pieces of Glass
Violent Universe
We Are Stars
Wonders of the Universe

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