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Socrates on Death Row

Premiered October 27, 2016


Travel back in time to 399 BCE and meet one of the greatest philosophers of all time, Socrates.  This original production written by Professor Robert Garland and produced by Colgate students and staff takes a look at the end of Socrates' life and the dark days of Democracy.

​Written & Directed by: Robert Garland. Producer & Editing: Joe Eakin. Narration: Alan Cooper. Actors: H.C. Selkirk.​

Animations & 3d Modeling: Cameron McKenzie, Daniel Galvez, Mark Ma '18, Michael DiGiorgio '18, Sara Cummings '18, Dakota Thomas, Joe Eakin. Original Artwork: Faith Ruppert, Sam Galvez, Luna Zagorac '16, Erica Nathan '18

Original Music: Ron "Starman" DiIulio Productions

Additional Music & Sound Design: Jacob Feldman '19

Funding provided by: Center for Freedom and Western Civilization, Ho Tung Visualization Lab, Information Technology Services

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