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Premiered April 27, 2019

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Experience Colgate's Bicentennial in the Ho Tung Visualization Lab with an immersive fulldome production of Colgate's history. Robert Garland, Roy D. And Margaret B. Wooster Professor of the Classics, and Joseph Eakin, Technical Director and Designer of the Ho Tung Visualization Lab and Planetarium, using the resources of the Colgate Special Collections and University Archives, have assembled an exciting visual representation of Colgate’s history.​

Written by: Robert Garland, Isabella Crowley '17, Joe Eakin, Alex Burnett, Emily Meulbroek

Produced & Edited: Joe Eakin

Narration: Heidi Ziemer, Anthony Aveni, Imani Ballard '18, Emily  Kahn '19, Jim Smith '70


Bicentennial Research: Jane Trask '16, Lauren Siano '16, Isabella Crowley '17, Francis Magliore '17, Oneida Shushe '19, Jack McKay '17, Alex Burnett, Joe Eakin, Robert Garland, Robert McVaugh


Illustrations & Original Artwork: Beth Caruana '21

Photo Editing: Dakota Thomas, Matt VonDauber

Photography: Karen Alley '12, Sarah Byer '15, Francis Criscione '21, Thomas J. Balonek, Joe Eakin, Ben Gorton

Videography: Francis Criscione '21, Alex Burnett, Ben Gorton, Joe Eakin, Ahmad Khazaee, Brian Ness

3D Models: Michael DiGiogio '18, Desmond Tuiyot '20, Jacob Feldman '19

Original Music: Francis Criscione '21, Venus Twins

Sound Editing & Mixing: Francis Criscione '21

Funding provided by: Bicentennial Committee, Information Technology Services, Center for Freedom and Western Civilization, Division of Natural Sciences & Math, Ho Tung Visualization Lab

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