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The Ho Tung Visualization Laboratory (or "Vis Lab" as we lovingly call it) is a digital planetarium that immerses its audience members in stunning visualizations of all subject matters. From shrinking to a molecular level to travel through cellular structures, to flying through the cosmos, we use the interdisciplinary nature of the dome to bring science to life in an exciting, modern way. 

The Vis Lab connects people to concepts and each other. Whether it is introducing school groups to the cosmos for the first time, community members to Colgate students, or research teams to citizen scientists, the Vis Lab has fostered meaningful connections for over a decade.

We aim to make science accessible to those of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. By hosting outreach events for local schools and the community, the Vis Lab seeks to inspire curiosity in everyone.


Armed with Digistar 7 from Evans & Sutherland, the lab continues to be on the cutting edge of immersive technology.

A Gift of Gratitude

The Ho Tung Visualization Laboratory was a special gift to Colgate from Robert H.N. Ho '56 in memory of his grandfather Sir Robert Ho Tung.

Knighted twice by King George V and Queen Elizabeth II, Sir Robert Ho Tung was active as a businessman and philanthropist in the British Crown Colony of Hong Kong. At the September 15, 2007 dedication ceremony for the visualization lab, Mr. Ho quoted a Chinese proverb: "huh shwei, suh yuan" - "Drink water: consider source."

May those who discover new frontiers in this laboratory consider how they can model Sir Robert Ho Tung and Robert H.N. Ho's inspiring words.

Meet Our Team

Joe Eakin

Technical Director and Designer

Director of Science Outreach


Phone: 315-228-6126


Kiko Galvez

Director of Vis Lab Steering Committee


Professor of Physics and Astronomy

Phone: 315-228-7205

Student Presenters
Student Producers
Meet Our Team
Dome Specifications 

Dome diameter: 10 meters
Capacity: 59 seats
System: Evans and Sutherland| Digistar 7
Opened: March 2008

Dome Specifications
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