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Science Museum Tours

Take a walk through Geologic time on a guided tour of the Linsley Geology museum and Greenhouse! We’ll look at gemstones and minerals, discuss the rock cycle and examine  fossils collected  near  and far, and study life cycles of several types of plants.

Sky Talks and Shows

Find seasonal constellations in the night sky and hear stories about how they got up there. Watch the moon change shape in the sky and take a close-up look at other planets. Students will learn the patterns of daily, monthly, and seasonal changes in their environment.

Hands-on Activities

We have several hands on science demos from exploring the eruptive power of volcanoes to launching water rockets.  Your students will engage with hands on modules  with Colgate science students.


Click link above to see Demos by grade level.

Interested in bringing your students to Science Outreach? Call our science outreach coordinator, Jodi McNamara at 315-228-6325 or email .

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