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Foggy Bottom Observatory


Our location on a rural hilltop with limited light pollution grants us an incredible view of the night sky, even with the naked eye. We take full advantage of this feature of our location with the Foggy Bottom Observatory.

We utilize the advanced research equipment at this facility to conduct high-level research and educate members of our community about the features of the sky above them. Our researchers maintain detailed online records of the work they do, and the history of the facility

For more information about the research occurring at the Observatory, click here.

Student Organizations

Students at Colgate University have the opportunity to explore the universe beyond what can be seen in the Visualization Lab. Dedicated students in connection with the VisLab have recently created an astrophotography club, named Star 'Gate, which takes beautiful photos of the night sky like those seen below.


If you are a student who is interested in joining Star 'Gate, please contact the organization through Get Involved. Events open to the public are listed in the calendar below.

Night Sky Over Colgate
Star Trails Over Colgate
Night Sky over Colgate
Foggy Bottom Observatory
Night Sky Over Colgate
Stars over Colgate University
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